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The three faces behind our organization

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Co-founder of Coeur de l'Orient


A dedicated leader in all projects that she undertakes, Rhéa is an essential member of the team. She cares deeply for those who surround her and for the people of Lebanon, which motivates her hard work on a daily basis.


Her experience being a member of several organizational and executive committees combined with her passion for making a difference in her community highlights her influential contribution to our mission's success.



Co-founder of Coeur de L'Orient

"All roads lead to Beirut"

Naomi always has an optimistic outlook when faced with challenges and countlessly shows initiative by siezing all opportunites. With her prominent content creating skills and experience as event coordinator for several fundraisers for the Canadian Cancer Society, Naomi's expertise in media and leadership is essential to our team. She always cares about the well-being of people in need, especially in her family's home country of Lebanon.





Co-founder of Coeur de l'Orient


Experienced, reliable, and pleasant. Here are some adjectives used by our team to describe this precious member. It is always a joy to work with Sophie on a daily basis. She brings a pragmatic approach to all challenges we undertake. 


Sophie is of Lebanese descent, and has always felt a strong sense of attachment to her community. She deeply cares about the health and education of less fortunate families in her community.



Né au Liban et ayant vécu à Beirut, Oliver a un grand sentiment d'attachement à sa ville d'origine.


Oliver est notre précieux membre à tout faire. Informatique, médias, éditeur... il apprend vite lorsque nécéssaire en plus de donner énormément de temps à Coeur de l'Orient. Il est toujours amusant de collaborer avec lui car il amène un grand sourire et une bonne humeur à toutes nos rencontres. 

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