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Janelle Jalila Issis


Janelle is a Palestinian-American born. She is an outstanding national touring artist, choreographer, performer, certified Yogini, nutritionist and CESD signed Dancer/Mode!


Currently, Janelle lives in NYC and travels all over the United States and abroad teaching and performing on her own.

She stands out with her unique style of intermingling elements of Classic Egyptian Bellydance with other forms drives her to create exciting innovative work. In addition to her oriental dancing skills, she shines in multiple other genres of dance such as; contemporary, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, Bollywood, modern, tap, salsa/ partnering, and more.


You may even recognize her from her hit on U.S. show “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 9 as the top 6th female finalist or even from her from T-Mobil commercial with artist J.Balvin!

Check out her website for more information and daily classes and follow her on instagram @JBELLYBURN

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Santa Teresa Foundation 


The Santa Teresa Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded in Lebanon 8 years ago. Since then, the members of the foundation have had the mission of helping families in need.


Thanks to donations, the Santa Teresa foundation meets the primary needs of around 250 families every month! Given the difficult situation and the economic crisis in Lebanon, special attention is paid to the donation of food boxes. The team works hard to offer boxes containing, among other things, basic foods (rice, flour, peas, pasta, cold meats, etc.) and household products (disinfectant, tissues, toilet paper, etc.). The cost of a box provided to a family is approximately 120,000 LBP, which is equivalent to approximately $ 100 CAD. Thanks to your donations, the foundation insures a box every 1-2 months per family.


The Santa Teresa Foundation is an example of community unity, generosity and dedication. For more information, follow the foundation on Facebook!

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