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"It only takes a little to change the world"

Coeur de l'Orient was founded in April 2020 by three close friends. Having grown up in the Lebanese community in Montreal, they have always felt a great sense of attachment to the country their parents and grandparents had to leave. They knew that by creating this organization, they would be able to raise awareness and support the less fortunate people of Lebanon.

Coeur de l'Orient's mission is to act as a supporting charitable foundation. We bring together our passion and innovative ideas to fundraise for local charities based in Lebanon and raise awareness about their powerful contributions to the Lebanese community. We focus on helping small and reliable NGOs and charities located in and around the country's capital, Beirut. As part of our mission, we collaborate with Middle Eastern partners in North America in order to bring people together for fun events that support select organisations, each representing a cause that is close to our hearts. 


We are based in Montreal, and with the help of our amazing Montreal community, we hope to really make a difference! We thank you for supporting us!

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